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Who We Are

We, M/s. Bahri Trading Corporation is located in ​Karachi ​is a Top, Full-Service Leading Clearing & Forwarding Agents having Custom House Agent License. We have been in this business and working for last 40 Years serving organizations to the best of our abilities and to their utmost satisfaction. Bahri Trading Corporation is family owned business and our fathers and grandfathers has been providing services to our valued client’s way back to 1970’s.

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I. Being dominant in Market and establish good professional services relations in
Industrial Sector.
II. Expanding horizon of our current services as well as adding other value added
services for our existing and prospective clients.
III. Provide our existing clients with greater competitive edge.

Our Core Values

i. We believe in Commitments with our partners and clients.

ii. We believe in innovating solutions with excellence

iii. A sense of Consistency and continuous improvement work approach

iv. We value and respect of clients, their needs and their priorities.

Our Mission

Vision to Plan

To deliver our valued clients professional and quality of Custom Clearing & Forwarding
Service with innovation, hardwork, dedication and with responsibility, facilitating their
trade with Expert and Easy to go solutions

Plan to Understand and Cater

catering to the unique needs of each Clientele

Market to Growth

Become a world-class Customs service that fully reflects national and international
standards and best practices, in contributing to border protection and trade facilitation

40 Years of Experience working as a customs clearing agent


Join us and make your company a better place.

Frequently question asked?

What is Customs Clearance?

Customs Clearance is a process compulsory for all goods entering or leaving the Pakistan. Customs clearance allows Customs & Excise to account for any due charges, ensure correct documentation has been used and conformity to Pakistan’s law. It also allows Customs to monitor which goods are coming into or leaving the Pakistan border.

Why should I use a Customs Clearance agent?

Customs agents are there to facilitate a professional service between Customs & Excise and importers/exporters. Our agents have significant understanding the Customs rules and regulations applicable and are therefore best suited to provide assistance.

How long does Customs Clearance take?

The Customs Clearance process can vary from shipment to shipment, and is dependent on what goods are entering the country, once goods have entered the Pakistan port. Certain products may need additional documentation checks or a physical examination to ensure that declarations are correct.

What supporting customs clearance documentation do I require?

Basic documentation would be:

  • Shipping document ( Bill of Lading – original or telex)
  • Supplier’s commercial invoice
  • Packing list

Other documentation required for specific goods would be:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Preference Certificates
  • Health certificates ( for foodstuffs etc )
  • COA
  • Organic certificate

How can I pay for import duties and taxes?

We will advise you how much duty and VAT is required to be paid. You can pay customs directly or you can pay us first and we will pay customs on your behalf.