Organize your own trips through air charter services that provide easy movement of goods and passengers

Air Chartering

Reserving a Charter with BAHRI for your own needs whether it be business or personal helps you to maintain control over schedule and guarantees that you are safely transported from anywhere in to wherever you need to travel.

Being one of the leading freighters of Pakistan we provide air chartering services to handle the goods in an efficient way. It provides safety and security of passengers as well. You can request a quote, book services and compare rates for several destinations

BAHRI Brings To You Air Charter Service in Pakistan

Air Chartering is not exclusive to transmitting your cargo from one place to another, but you can also use it for travelling for business purposes as well. Bahri Trading Corporation or BAHRI facilitates you with Air Charter Service in Pakistan not only because we also act as travel agents, but we seek to provide our clients with all kinds of transportation services that they desire.

It is very much obvious that more than often, clients need to reserve complete air jets and planes for business trips for which they need first class treatment. Your business can receive this first-class treatment all thanks to the Air Charter service offered by Bahri Trading Corporation Pakistan.

Searching for the Top Air Charter Companies in Pakistan?

We can understand that your business must be looking for the top Air Charter Companies in Pakistan because you need the best kind of Air Charter service for yourself.

This particular service is beneficial for businesses in a number of ways. The benefits offered by this service are the main reason that BAHRI offers this to facilitate its clients.

What are the benefits of using an Air Charter Service?

1. Flexibility in Schedule

Instead of having to wait for a specific time schedule to depart for your business trip, you can simply choose an Air charter service and book a complete jet suited to your own time schedule. A majority of the commercial airlines are restricted to their own schedule and do not offer much flexibility in this domain. You can choose your own schedule, and fly in and out as per your own requirements.

2. No Delays in Flights

You will not have to wait for hours for a particular flight, or face any cancellation issues either if you choose to book an Air charter service for your business trip or for any other purpose. Chartered jets will work operate according to the schedule you have given to them, which means that a lot of your valuable time will be saved from being wasted.

3. Offering You Comfort

The best part about booking your own private charter jet service is that you can comfortably travel without having to compromise on your privacy or comfort zone. You can travel with ease with your business colleagues and discuss all your official matters and relax and enjoy your trip as well.


4. Convenience of All Kinds

You can experience in a variety of factors such as if you need to book for a destination that is not catered by commercial airlines, or if you wish to have your baggage collected separately. In any matter, reserving a private air jet offers you much more convenience than you can receive from a commercial airline. You can carry your baggage with you and not have to worry about it getting lost, or standing for long trying to retrieve it.

5. Transparency in Fees

As far as the fees are concerned, you can get the benefit of paying directly for what you want. You will receive an upfront quote of whatever services you will be availing instead of having to pay for ‘wait time’ or peak travel times etc. You will be paying for exactly the services you are opting for.

Choose the Best Air Charter Service in Karachi & Pakistan today!

Bahri Trading Corporation Pakistan or BAHRI is one of the top logistics and freight forwarding service providers in Pakistan. Since Karachi is known as the Port City and Business Hub of Pakistan, we are proud to say that we are on the path to becoming the best Air Charter Service in Karachi. The reason being; we offer almost everything that is required by business individuals in an Air chartering service.

Even in the freight forwarding and logistics domain, we excel in providing quality services. You can even request for sea freight quote, or hire us as your warehousing service provider. We provide you complete solutions in everything.

The main points which have helped us become a reliable source for Air chartering are as follows:

  • We have been present in the field from almost two decades which means twenty years
  • We have built an excellent network with other service providers
  • We offer you affordable and cost-effective rates for any service you desire
  • We can deal in complete logistics solutions ranging from air to sea freight to land transportation as well.

If you want to find out more about our services, contact us now and speak with a Customer Services Executive right away!

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BAHRI was created for providing a comprehensive variety and choice of freight forwarding / logistics services in Pakistan.


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