Competitive services provided to the customers with real time shipment tracking at cost effective rates.


Bahri Trading Corporation provides support to its customers, trade and industry in the global exchange of goods. Our Sea freight services include:

  • Full Container Load
  • Combined transport (Sea, land and air)
  • Reefer container (Refrigerated containers)
  • Projects handling (Handling clearing, forwarding and deliveries to the ultimate customer)

Our company has the best relations with all major carriers and a large assortment of value added services for ascertaining that every delivery requirement is carried out satisfactorily. With long term and excellent business relationship with every major shipping line all over the world we assure you that we are the best company to handle your cargo at all ports on 6 continents, with the best freight rates and the fastest travel time.

Choosing a Sea Freight Company in Pakistan

Sea freight is known as one of the best methods for transporting your materials and merchandise especially if they are in bulk and need to be transported safely. You can transport bulk materials weighing up to thousands of tons without having to spend so much money. Sea freight transportation is favoured for being perhaps the most cost-efficient transportation method.

In a country like Pakistan where you have a lot of import and export businesses going on, sea freight transportation plays a very important role in being the best mode of transportation. Companies and businesses in Pakistan do like to hire some sea freight company in Pakistan so that they can get their materials and other products shipped to different parts of the world easily.

The shipping business is one of the most dominant businesses in the whole of Pakistan, especially in the city of Karachi. Bahri Trading Corporation or BAHRI is also one freight forwarding company which is also a Non-Operational Vessel Carrier or NVOCC in Pakistan. Therefore, we deal in all shipping and vessel related domains

The main points that give us leverage over regular sea freight companies are such that:

  • We are experienced in the field with an experience of almost twenty years
  • We have an established network which helps us in completing our processes easily
  • We offer cost-effective rates for all of our services
  • We even deal in Reefer container sea freight transport
  • We do not deal with just sea freight transport but instead a combined method which includes sea, land and air as well.
  • We have developed a credible name in the industry and we are certified from PIFFA, FIATA, KCCI, IATA, NMFIA and FMC.

We can act as your warehousing service provider as well as your rail transportation service broker which means that we provide you complete logistics solutions.

Hire a Sea Freight Company in Karachi for Your Benefit

Karachi is the main sea port city in Pakistan, and there are many companies in the city which deal in the shipping and freight forwarding business. There are many benefits that you can get from hiring BAHRI as your trusted Sea Freight Company in Karachi and in Pakistan. Some of these benefits are listed below:


Sea freight is much cheaper

If you choose to ship your goods and materials instead of opting for another medium such as Air Freight or transportation via land based methods, then you can definitely save up on a lot of costs as well. Sea freight is known as one of the cheapest methods for getting your cargo delivered from one place to another. This is primarily because there is a lot less fuel consumption in sea freight than in other modes of freight transportation.

Every business wants to save up on extra costs, which includes additional transportation costs as well. The costs saved can be utilized in other business and supply chain processes, and this will even help in making their product much more economical.

Sea Freight Saves You from Hassles like Traffic Jam

Sea freight is better in one way that ships are not running into traffic jams or anything. This makes it one efficient way of transportation as it does not have much chances of encountering troubles on the sea. As such, sea freight transportation proves to be a faster method of getting your goods delivered as well.

Sea Freight is An Eco-Friendly Mode of Transportation

In the present era, a lot of businesses are now focusing on making sure that their business processes are working with environmental friendly methods. Due to rising environmental related concerns, every business wants to opt for eco-friendly and environmental-friendly ways to operate their business.

Sea freight is known as perhaps the most eco-friendly method because it uses lot lesser fuels which means that there are lower emissions and less carbon dioxide produced.

Sea Freight Allows You to Transport Bulkier Materials

The best advantage which makes sea freight a clear winner amongst all other methods is that, you can transport a huge amount of cargo and freight and have it transported to literally any part of the world. Other modes such as Air Freight and Railroad Transport may pose limitations as to how much cargo you can transport at one point.

With sea freight, you have flexibility in the sense that you can have cargo delivered without having to worry about the dimensions, space or weight because the vessels can ship goods of literally any size you seek.

Company Info

BAHRI was created for providing a comprehensive variety and choice of freight forwarding / logistics services in Pakistan.


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