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Shipping Container Service

Bahri Trading Corporation Pakistan or BAHRI is one of the most renowned clearing agent allied with shipping companies in Pakistan . We have been established since 2001 which means that it has been almost two decades since we have been working in the domain of freight forwarding.

Our services cover all forms of logistics services, and we are a certified Freight Forwarding Company in Pakistan also providing Shipping Container Service.

We assure to deliver you the best of our services, and make sure that you are satisfied with whatever service you avail. If you are hesitant upon acquiring our services, feel free to browse through the points below which make us a credible Shipping Container Service Company.

Why Choose BAHRI as your CUSTOM CLEARANCE Service Provider?

  • We are one of the most well-known companies in the domain of freight forwarding
  • We have been established from almost twenty years
  • We possess a network in the freight forwarding industry all across the globe and in Pakistan
  • We prioritize customer satisfaction over everything
  • We are registered with organizations such as PIFFA, FIATA, KCCI and others
  • We provide complete logistics services ranging from warehousing to shipping container service
  • We can help you in freight transportation from all forms of transport including land, road and sea
  • We quote rates which can fall just within your budget
  • We facilitate customers with any kind of container they need including 20ft, 40ft

Once you will browse through the points listed, you will definitely feel at ease about hiring our services. We guarantee to deliver what we promise you, and this is the reason that we are on the path to becoming one of the best companies in our industry, and amongst the best shipping companies in Karachi.

Why Hire A Shipping Container Company in Pakistan?

There are many benefits to taking services from a Shipping Company in Pakistan, especially if you have cargo in bull that you need to transport by sea. Sea freight is one of the cheapest and safest forms of transport, and the cargo that goes through sea freight is loaded into containers only.

Hiring a container company in Pakistan will give you access to the multiple benefits provided by shipping containers. The company staff such as of BAHRI will be able to guide you through your requirements in a much better way.

There are different kinds of containers such as 20ft and 40ft and there are Reefer Containers as well which provide refrigeration to perishables. On the whole, there are benefits to having shipping containers for transporting cargo.


What are the benefits of shipping containers?

  • They can be used to store a variety of goods
  • They can be transported from one location to another
  • They are affordable
  • They are strong and durable

Shipping containers act as an excellent mode of transport of heavy cargo or cargo in bulk, and they are strong and durable to withstand capacity of extremely heavy items as well. You can send in all kinds of items in shipping containers, and you can rest assured that those items will remain safe and sound given the strong nature of shipping containers.

There are options available in container sizes as well, and you can accordingly choose the one which adequately fulfills your cargo requirements. Since they come in multiple sizes, they can also be used as offices and can be converted for other usage as well.

Shipping containers are built in such a manner that they can easily withstand any kind of pressure or weather conditions without letting any of the inside items suffering any sort of damage. They come in different sizes, hence offering you multiple options to load in your bull commodities. Their build is also such that there is no risk for condensation or humidity building up in the inside and affecting the items in any way.

Other than that, reefer containers provide the option of loading perishables in bulk, which means that the client does not have to rely on air freight and bearing such heavy costs. Air freight is used for perishables as it is faster but proves to be quite expensive as compared to land or sea freight. Reefer containers can be used to transport such perishables without putting the client under financial constraints.

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Bahri was created for providing a comprehensive variety and choice of freight forwarding / logistics services in Pakistan.


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